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Light therapy is not new.  It has been used for many ailments ranging from chronic pain to wound healing to hair growth. What is new is light being used to target fat cells. After adipose (fat) cells are exposed to this specific wavelength, 99% of the fat is released from the cells. The result is inch loss and impressive spot reduction anywhere on the body including the waistline, bra bulge, buttocks, thigh area and even the arms. This technique works anywhere there is excessive fat deposits.

​Measurable Results in as little as three treatments! ​

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Contour Light


​So what happens to the fat? The laser penetrates beneath your skin, targeting the subcutaneous fat cells without risking damage to your organs. This stimulation opens pores in the fat cells breaking down its contents and allowing the fat to escape–a process known as lipolysis – a natural metabolic process that breaks down the fat cell in the form of triglycerides. Triglycerides are broken down and naturally metabolized by the body. This process is greatly enhanced by adding Whole Body Vibration and interval training the day of the treatment.

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   Contour Light


 Opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell

Liquifies the fat

Causes the fat cell to shrink

Accelerates fat burning

Speeds up the metabolism

  One 25 minute treatment equals 7

30 minute cardio workouts​